About Us

Đuro Đaković -  Održavanje i usluge d.o.o. is company founded by Đuro Đaković Montaza d.o.o. in 1990. as its subsidiary, which was intended to provide services in controlling and maintenance of main company, and also in third companies with surplus capacity.

Company took over 30 experienced and trained employees, equipment, all necessary machinery, testing equipment and vehicles from the main company and formed it as a separate unit within the Đuro Đaković Montaža. In 2012. the company has fully privatized and is no longer part of ĐĐ Montaža.

Currently, company has 47 employees, and the main activities are nondestructive testing (NDT) and heat treatment of welded joints.

On top of the main activities within the company there are workshops for making simple steel structures and servicing electrical and mechanical equipment. Teams for nondestructive testing and heat treatment are mobile so we provide our services in the client workplace or construction site.

Our company performs nondestructive testing (NDT) with radiography methods, ultrasound examination of the magnet, penetrant and visual methods. All employees have valid certificates and licenses to conduct business.

Our tradition, expertise and experience make us the most prominent company in our industry on the Croatian territory. The plans for the near future are to increase the number of operators on the market and increasing our visibility within the European Union.